When i won’t be here!

Don’t be sad, when i won’t be here,

Feel the wind that touch your body,

For i would be hugging you,

Feel that one positivity when everything goes wrong,

For i would be guiding you through,

Feel the frangrance of flowers in garden,

For i would be that fragrance you used to love of my body,

Feel the leaves around you in autumn,

For i would be there beside you with my hair teasing your face,

Feel our kids’ happiness, 

For i would be smiling with tears in my eyes to see my family happy,

Feel the sunshine of winters,

For i would be laying my head on your chest,

Feel the first sip of tea in cold,

For i would be kissing you then,

Feel the rain wetting your body,

For i would be showering my love on you,

Feel the rainbows in the sky,

For i would be looking your prettiest girl just for you,

Feel the bliss from your soul,

For that would be my love for you!


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