Never take DISRESPECT!

Just like Respect, Disrespect too comes in all forms and shapes!

Let’s dig deeper to know more about it.

We face lot of different situations in life, but don’t think of how they are affecting us, and if we do, then are we being kind enough on ourselves to act upon improving our lives? By making the right decisions? By facing the situations and dealing with them,once and for all? If not, then why are we not being able to take the first step in the right direction?

It is because we choose situations according to our self worth. The more we would Respect ourselves, the more we would work for the betterment of our lives.


Falling down is a mistake,

Staying down is a choice!

When we face physical abuse, it clearly goes into our head that we are being disrespected, but do we really feel the same way when we face emotional abuse? Or probably not abuse, just someone causing you emotional damage? Someone being the reason for your emotional loss, intentionally or unintentionally?

If we don’t feel the same way with regard to emotional damages, then it’s time to realise that this, my dear, is Disrespecting our own self, because we don’t understand our worth and choose to stay in toxic situations, and WE DON’T HAVE TO DO THAT!

If someone is being the reason for your emotional damage, then the person is disrespecting you.

If someone is just about sweet words with no actions for our happiness, then the person will leave us with pain and sorrow, by making lame excuses, because of their inability and unwillingness to work for our happiness.

Because had the person really cared about our happiness, we won’t be in this pain in the first place.

Also, if we really cared about our own happiness and worth, then we wouldn’t be staying in such toxic situations, for it won’t give us anything except for emotional losses, and these kind of situations are TRAP! And And And, why do we expect for them to care about our happiness when even we don’t do it for ourselves?

Choose yourself, understand your worth, understand how you’re being disrespected, how you’re being denied a dignified life, & GET OUT OF THIS TRAP!

You are the boss of your life! You are the owner of our emotions, of your mind! Get your mind under control and that’s how you control your acts! TAKE YOUR LIFE IN YOUR OWN HANDS! AND MAKE IT FUCKING GOOD! Because, YOU DESERVE A DIGNIFIED HAPPY LIFE!

YOU DESERVE RESPECT AND LOVE, MY DEAR! Make that up for yourself!


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