Never take DISRESPECT!

Just like Respect, Disrespect too comes in all forms and shapes! Let's dig deeper to know more about it. We face lot of different situations in life, but don't think of how they are affecting us, and if we do, then are we being kind enough on ourselves to act upon improving our lives? By …

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There comes those times when you feel everything is going wrong, say it your career, relationships, health, everything. At times, even our close ones seem really far, we feel alone, unable to share our thoughts with anybody. It is often that time when you even recall everything wrong that has happened to you in the …

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​ Everything seemed beautiful,                        In a world carefree, Where everyone drooled,                        Where time never flee! Life laughed,tickled and played,              My joys and happiness swayed, A world where harmony and peace resides,       A world where love and hope shines! A place without expectations, A place where giving became tradition, A place without …

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