Make Yourself Your Priority!

There comes that time when you have to choose between where you want to be and where you really should be!

I know that this is one of the hardest decisions you’ll be making, but i would suggest you to always go for the latter as if you’ll choose where you really should be, it will further lead you to where you would really want to be.

These kind of situations often pay us a visit, probably to test our virtue and give us the life lessons, to help us grow wiser, so please don’t escape these situations, don’t ignore them. Instead, Embrace them all! For they will teach you so many things that your later self will thank you for facing them, as these are the things which prepare you for the strength you ought to possess to deal with your life ahead. These are the things that will change you, give you a more beautiful and bold shape, that will make you learn to choose the right as it might look hard yet, but trust me, right thing is the best thing to do.

What is yours will come to you, What is not will never be yours, No matter how hard you try!

So the best thing to do is to not panic for it might lead to chaos, don’t overthink for it will lead to sadness, practice your ability to choose one thought over other..choose the positive one, the one that gives you hope and joy, and most importantly,

Never invest your energy into something or someone that leaves you uncertain, with mixed feelings, and with an unsettled mind.

You deserve peace, happiness, and love! Never forget this!

Make yourself your own priority, forgive yourself for your past, you’ve learnt your lessons so move! Embrace the ups and downs of your life!

Recreate and spread love!

Love to all..! 🤗


15 thoughts on “Make Yourself Your Priority!

      1. myfailurestep, Education

        Rightly Said, it is one of the best things a person can do, to make himself or herself happy, to give themselves the priority.

        Liked by 1 person

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