Be a good listener!

Have you ever noticed why our children have started feeling lonely, low on energy, low on enthusiasm, demotivated, more often now than a decade ago? Have you ever noticed that our kids cry alone in their rooms, often at night, and they are unable to share it with their parents or teachers or someone elder with experience? Have you ever noticed why have we started encountering more cases of depression these days? 
I feel that is because WE, as parents, as teachers, as elders are not good listeners! 

Couples, these days, just produce kids and leave them on their own. When a couple decides to be parents, they must understand that there comes a responsibility with a kid. You have to work with your child, on your child, and that just not includes that you are just feeding them well and spending on their studies and luxuries. Your kid needs to be nurtured well..! 

See, we as parents, draw a line between us and our children, which our children find really hard to erase, and as parents we have no clue how and when that line has been drawn by us. THAT LINE NEEDS TO BE ERASED! We need to be more open towards our children, and for that matter we need to make time for them, and not just ignore them with the excuse that we are busy in the moment, because if we do that, then they’d also learn and sweep up the same in later years, and we don’t want that, because we love them and want their best in every phase of life, we want them to face the harsh realities of life with more strength, we want them to share their lives with us and make us a part of their beautiful world. 

Know them well! Learn things with them! Work on them! Make them independent and self-reliant, yet assure them that we are always there by their side! Ensure them that we trust them! Show them the love, that we’ve got for them! Keep them grounded!


Have a wonderful life! Love..! 🙂


29 thoughts on “Be a good listener!

    1. Yes, sad that people don’t even pay heed to such important issues regarding their family which directly affects their lives. Still i hope things will change for good, if we keep sharing such thoughts.
      Thank you for the appreciation though! 😊

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      1. The way with which the next generation is getting obsessed with social networking, holding a wrong perspective of making friends and developing relationships, i doubt they’d know how to make proper conversations and interactions, also i see bleak chances of building the trust factor in them. When the major issues in their lives are being unfriended or blocked on a social networking site, they have eventually learnt that probably this is the way how relationships end. When the main motive of going out with friends comes down to just ‘clicking selfies’, i think we are not heading in the right direction! Have you ever seen somebody sitting alone and not using their phones? Or initiating a good conversation with someone in the same place? Very rare, i’m sure. And you know what? People these days think there is something wrong with such people as they are truly “living”..! Sad but true!


  1. Hey riddhuuuu.. You’re so correct. Its not just having kids that important its how we nurture them how much we teach them how much we empathize with their emotions that matters because they are good observers and why not we be good listeners then..

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    1. I second you, Supreet! They are good observers and they learn what they see. We need to keep a check on what they are learning from us, and keep correcting and working on ourselves so that indirectly we’ll work on them as well, and the way to do the same is to first be a good listener! 😊

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