There comes those times when you feel everything is going wrong, say it your career, relationships, health, everything. At times, even our close ones seem really far, we feel alone, unable to share our thoughts with anybody. It is often that time when you even recall everything wrong that has happened to you in the past, with everyone who has been a part of your journey. Few important decisions that you shouldn’t have taken, that wasted your time, energy, and left you into trouble, angers you. You start getting mad at yourself, and feel low, broken inside, and sometimes even feel that you are good for nothing. 
It’s tough, my dear, nobody said it’ll be easier. But let me tell you something, something i’m not telling you just to cheer you up, but also because it is a fact.

When everything goes wrong, when everything breaks into pieces that you have no idea about how to fix them back, when you feel helpless, 

It is only then when God comes to help us! It is then when the magic starts happening! 

The only thing you need to have at that moment is HOPE! Is life being too demanding? It’s just little hope that you need to have at that point of time. You only need to give yourself sometime, and things will start getting fixed on their own. Believe me, it’s true! 

There is a theory in which i always have faith ~ There are two energies, Positive, and Negative. When our body is filled up with negative energies, there is no space left for any positive energy to enter, as negative energy spreads more rapidly and occupies much space. So for positive energy to enter, it needs space, for which all the negative energies have to get out and get lost. That’s what happens when everything goes wrong, we feel everything wrong, negative as it is getting out from our minds, our bodies, making space for all the positive things we need in our lives. So let nature work for itself, let it happen, whatever is happening, for it is temporary, and it will go, it has to go, that’s how it works.

Have patience, Keep Hope alive in you!

Everything will fall in place, I PROMISE! 🙂


28 thoughts on “I PROMISE!

  1. ‘I Rather See’

    Tagsa beautiful gift of ove, blossoming new beginnings, happiness and joy, i rather see, loves true reality, pain erased, women accepted as equals to men

    I rather see the painted sunrise
    in breathtaking beautiful hues
    awakening to bless the new break
    of dawn

    I would rather see a mother deer,
    nursing so lovingly the apple of
    her eye, the love of her heart,
    her young frolicking fawn

    I would rather see a flower
    gently opening its petals waiting
    to receive the embrace of a special
    drop of sunshine within, which it
    knows it daily needs

    I rather sit below the sky seeing
    how the clouds gently tease it ever
    so lovingly and I rather hear the
    sweet buzzing around the flowers
    from the honeybees

    I rather embrace a raindrop
    after it splashes gently on my face
    I rather see a day of peace
    where all hurts and pains are released

    I would love to see the abuse of women
    end seeing them treated and accepted
    as equals to men, for they are the sweet
    strength of our lives, which can perfect
    within our hearts and minds a special new

    I would rather never see a hand raised
    unless it’s there to soothe the pain
    I never want to see hurt inhabit
    this world , only positive lasting change

    I rather see the deep precious beauty
    of a very special smile, one who has
    learned to truly love another
    bringing heavenly change in their
    lives, so daily all the while

    For I rather see us love each other
    in a genuine precious way
    So when we awaken tomorrow
    we find all spirits to be the same

    One love, one spirit one joy, one truth
    with no pain.

    Wendell A. Brown
    Have a blessed week ahead my sister!

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  2. riddhuuuuu.. i was wondering where had you been for so long.
    yeah you said it right.. for the positivity to enter your mind , all the negativity should be flushed out ..oh yeah ofcourse the hope is what makes you feel more better

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