Everything seemed beautiful,
                       In a world carefree,
Where everyone drooled,
                       Where time never flee!

Life laughed,tickled and played,
             My joys and happiness swayed,
A world where harmony and peace resides,
      A world where love and hope shines!

A place without expectations,
A place where giving became tradition,
A place without problems and solutions,
A place without advices and frustrations!

A place where dollar didn’t rise,
                 And ruppee didn’t fall,
Where smile was the price,
                  And hearts said it all!

A place where nobody slept hungry,
                     And people didn’t cry,
Where children played in flurry,
            And the birds of joys fly!

But since it’s just a dream,
                    And it’ll go vain,
People will laugh,People will scream,
                    In the real world insane!!!


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