Matters of the heart!

There comes situations when problems arise between two people, where one is the giver of most of the problems and other one has to take everything to sort things out. But there also is a very important issue that needs to be discussed, and that i’m doing now in this blog post.

While tackling with the problems that your partner might be creating for you, that can be closing doors of relationship constantly, or your letting yourself down in constant trying to pursuade him of the mistakes that you didn’t even do, or your realising yourself as you are not good enough for your partner, or your being a fixer and him being a destroyer, one often faces this dilemma of whether to continue with trying to fix everything in the hope that everything will be fine one day, or just end this relationship altogether.

A relationship is a bond between two people and therefore both the partners are equally responsible for maintaining it and balancing it. A balance is maintained when one partner fills the gap where the other one is lacking, and vice-versa. When one is let down by the his partner, it’s the responsibility of the partner to fix things up and bring their relationship back to life.

But what if only one person is putting everything, every effort, giving his all in the relationship and still not able to mend things up, and instead feel not good enough for his partner? See, you can’t be the only one putting all the efforts. Your partner is also in a relationship and he is as much obliged to fix things up, as you are. 

You can never be good enough for a person who is not ready for you.”

This is such a true quote. When a person is ready for you and loves you, he’ll accept you as you are, he’ll see you through your flaws, he’ll understand you as a person beyond what you say. One doesn’t even have to try to know if the other person loves you or not. If he loves you, you’ll know. 

There is a difference, when a person is throwing hardtimes on you out of love, and when one is taking you for granted. Never let anyone take you for granted, or take you as an option. See through the problems and situations you’ve dealt with in the relationship and think wisely. See if a person is letting you grow as an individual and is growing with you, or if it’s just a burden on you? If you think the second option then one can always try to discuss and be open about this and only then things will be clear. 

Let things be as they are and give a chance to your partner to sort things out. If someone really wants to be with you, he’ll make a move, and effort to fix things up and stick together.

” Be someone’s wish, not their need..! “


34 thoughts on “Matters of the heart!

  1. its always important to know what exactly do you want from a relationship…….some people have vague Utopian ideas…….and you must, from time to time discuss about them with your partner……..its a partnership……an agreement of sorts……the terms need upgrading…….periodically.
    also, love and relationship are two separate things, though they have intersecting parts they are simply not the same…… do not let love take a fall for your mistakes……
    btw….great post! don’t mind my ramblings, i do that sometimes! ๐Ÿ™‚ ๐Ÿ™‚

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    1. I love when people read and share their thoughts on the topic, i get to learn from them and know different possible perspectives and their own experiences in life through that. So i really appreciate it. Also i agree with you! Thank you ๐Ÿ™‚

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  2. again a wonderful thought.
    i’m not someone who will advocate separation just because things dint work out now or few times. for me , marriage is a shared dream , you are correct is stating that one should put effort in filling the gaps . both are equally responsible enough to take their dreams forward. together. there cannot be a perfect family theory . but there can be a happy family and happiness lies in sticking together beyond imperfections .
    somewhere i heard and i believe , a relationship between husband and wife should be like fish and water and not between fish and fisherman .

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