Different people! Different ideas of love!

Everyone is different. I agree! Therefore everyone’s idea of love is also different. 

At times, couples argue over petty issues, issues that are serious for one person and the same issue is ‘not an issue at all’ for his/her partner. Then why do things get heated up? I think this is the thing for why people call relationships complicated.

For a person, what might matter in love is to provide everything to the partner, while for the partner it might just be the presence of him/her that makes one happy. 

For one, pleasing with the best materialistic things to his partner would be an ideal relationship, while for the partner, being present while one feels vulnerable, comforting with nice words, cheering up while one feels low, and not letting go when one is not in the best of moods, would make an ideal relationship. 

See, there’s no absence of love anywhere. But just the absence of behaving more maturely and being more understanding towards each other.

I think to be this, being a good listener is very important in a relationship, and mind it, being a good listener without getting annoyed at your partner. Listening to one’s partner helps the other person open up his/her feelings completely and makes one understand the partner at his/her worst, that helps the relationship grow and most of all helps trust to be build up between the two.

I feel being nude physically is not that important in a relationship, as being nude mentally is. Being nude, for me is, to be able to express one’s feelings completely and be assured that my partner would understand me, and if not understand, then act maturely by listening with compassion, that ways i would be assured that my partner respect my feelings and my opinions, and he lets me put my words with utmost freedom. Why? Because he wants to know me, Because he wants to be with me. 

Everyone wants attention from his/her special someone, and everyone wants to be loved. But what if due to their different ideas of love, they feel that their feelings are undervalued, their emotions not respected, and they themselves unheard? 

There is no perfect relationship, but two imperfect people who have to work real hard to make it work the best, to make it “their perfect relationship”. 

One should always be sensitive towards his/her partner’s feelings and emotions, and not just take the other person for granted. Everyone is conscious here, everyone knows what they are speaking when they do, everyone knows the words that might hurt their partner yet they say it deliberately to hurt him/her, why? Because they take the feelings of their partner for granted, their presence for granted. 

I say, why would you want to hurt someone you love? Isn’t it the simplest of question? Yet people make it complicated by their actions.

ACT MATURELY! Watch your actions, watch your words, value your partner, their feelings, their emotions. Be a good listener, and try to understand your partner’s views. Let your partner open up and express, to make you better understand him/her as a person, and to pay respect to your partner’s opinions.

Without even listening completely, and without trying to discuss and understand, and then getting angry over the same issue, is ACTING KIDDISH. We are all grown ups, and know that we all are conscious of our actions and words, we can’t just escape the whole situation by blurting out anything we want and then apologise by the justification “that’s how we are”. 

Love and value your partner’s feelings. Most importantly, i would say, NEVER TAKE ANYONE’S PRESENCE FOR GRANTED. 

One is with you, because that person loves you. So love them back and cherish their presence!


25 thoughts on “Different people! Different ideas of love!

    1. Thanks Puneet! Harsh truth is, the one who understands this well is most of the time the one who has to deal with every problem. That person is expected to be strong and that is why people take them for granted, nobody asks them if they also need anyone or if they’re doing all right, as they are strong so they are expected to manage things on their own as well as the people around them!

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  1. A GOOD relationship can make your life full of happiness and fun but a negative one where there are KIDDISH fights and lack of VALUE and respect for one another can leave you mentally devastated!!
    You have spoken the ultimate truth . Its a lovely post and hope couples work their way out if they find themselves in mess. Its a GO-TO post for all people in a messed up relationship.
    Amazing thought and well carved out.
    After all the ones who accepts and likes each other truly despite all the flaws and imperfection are the ones who LOVE and knows the meaning of LOVE

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  2. There are few pointer I loved riddhi.. Like act with compassion.. Accept the differences and respect it for there is nothing called perfect relationship.. We grow together by respecting our imperfections.
    And not taking things for granted etc .
    Yes relationship is a life long process and it should be nurtured with care.

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  3. A strong relationship stands on the foundation of trust , mutual understanding, flexibility and respect towards each other.It should be a win-win situation

    Perfectly true an imperfect relationship needs a hard work out on the above mentioned to get converted in a perfect one

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