Wisdom Quote

This quote that i have shared in this post is my all time favourite quote that i try to follow almost always in life whenever i get stuck in situations where i don’t recieve the expected response. 

I really wanted to share the same with all my readers to contribute something better in everyone’s lives. So here it is ~

A wise physician said,

“The best medicine for Humans is LOVE.”

Someone asked,

” What if it doesn’t work?”

He smiled and answered,

” Increase the Dose.”


94 thoughts on “Wisdom Quote

    1. I agree with you Puneet..! It requires so much positivity and that only comes out best when you genuinly want something or someone, or when you genuinly want to improve someone else’s life, only then you impart so much love that it negates the negativity in them!


      1. That’s perfectly OK, please, you don’t have to apologise…πŸ˜…πŸ˜… It began last month or so and I have been trying to tell all my readers to check their Spam. I have been checking mine, as well.πŸ˜‹

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  1. La vie est un poème vécu au jour le jour
    Avec ses joies, ses Γ©checs, ses tristesses
    Ses amours et ses dΓ©tresses

    Il faut savoir garder l’espoir

    RΓ©ussir ses combats contre la maladie ,ses dΓ©sillusions ect ….

    Etre solidaire entre amis (ies)

    Avoir du cΕ“ur c’est comme si on avait envie de tout partager

    N’oublie pas que la vie est un poΓ¨me vΓ©cu au jour le jour

    Alors vit ,,,,,ce poème, ce petit écris je le partage avec toi

    Gros bisous


    Belle journΓ©e

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