100..!Sunday celebrations!

Ahhhh..!!!! SUNDAY! πŸ™Œ Whenever i even just say sunday, i instantly feel relaxed and energised at the same time. I usually do all the unproductive stuff on sunday, (writing is an exception, that’s my hobby so can’t help it LOL). By unproductive i mean cleaning my room 😏 , sleeping 😍, eating 😍, paying bills 😭, watching movies 😍 wghra wghra..! I don’t even go out on sundays as i feel like i’d waste my day that ways LOL πŸ˜€.

Every week i wait for this day so that i can have “maa ke haath ka khaana” (food cooked by my mom). Since my parents are working so i have to manage my breakfasts on my own, and since breakfast is the most important meal as my whole day depends on that, so i wait for sunday to have hot scrumptious meal cooked by my mom and take it seriously i literally hog on, on sundays LOL πŸ˜‹ . I’m a BIGGGG foody! 

My favourite part of sundays is blogging, my friends, blogging..! With a relaxed and chilled out mind i write anything and everything that pleases my mind, read different stories of people i’ve been following on wordpress, and i absolutely love to read you all..! 

I stay very curious about different ideas, different thoughts by different people so i read and learn from all of you. This day i want to appreciate you all for expressing and sharing with me your beautiful thoughts and want to Thank you for reading my thoughts and to all my followers CHEERS! 



43 thoughts on “100..!Sunday celebrations!

  1. Sunday is “Mumbai” Especially is considered to be “My Own Time Day”.First we sleep as late as we want (like Boss!!). The we eat whatever we wish, either cook it or order on phone. Then we catch up with movies, either on TV recording box or Cinemas. Or rush to the Salon for a Body Spa, Hair Spa, Pedicures (The Works!!) Call Friends, Relations, chat, talk.Have a drink or two. Blog, Surf. (Yippee!!)

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