Chocoholic..! 🍫

Dear foodies,

I know the craving that you all might be having right now after seeing this mouth-watering dessert. I felt the same. Though i don’t really have a sweet tooth but after seeing brownies 🍮and truffles🍰 i don’t know how on earth i get that mouth-watery feeling LOL 😀

I went on to try this new cafe near my place last weekend with my friends. We were welcomed in an amazing ambience, the theme of the cafe was more like some forest like. I almost felt like i’m at a jungle safari. Beautiful red wings painted on the walls of the cafe, one tree next to each table with shelves that carried condiments. I was absolutely enthralled with the creativity.

We ordered Italian (we keep looking at the menu and think of trying something new this time but end up ordering the same old dish 😜 ). We thoroughly enjoyed the food.

 After we were done with the main course, now it was time for desserts (Yay! 🙌 ). I ordered this yummy brownie that looked so tempting, i could have just died if someone would just keep it in front of me and not let me eat it. God! Just when i took the first bite of that heavenly thing in front of me, the hot molten chocolate made me fall in love with that, the brownie so soft so chocolaty, nobody on this planet could resist that dessert. That Dessert was the best part of that day, i still miss that.

Okay now gotta go, feel like eating some chocolates. See you until next time my Chocoholics 🍫 !


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