A lovely monday! Sounds strange, eh? 😉

It seems like a usual monday morning, boring and sleepy but still i pushed myself to get ready for college..! Morning tea with rusk feels like my charger for the rest of the day.

College days are those part of our lives where we have plenty of time to kill, but time wasted with friends and doing nothing and enjoying it, is not wasted time. 😊 It usually takes me a while to decide what to wear this day, if i haven’t already decided the same last night. I somehow felt like making this boring monday morning lively by going by my all time favourite formula Look Good To Feel Good! Just like every other girl on this planet and probably other too, i never fall short of new attire! Being a Leo by zodiac, i absolutely admire shopping!

I wore the latest attire i shopped and got ready to pamper myself for the rest of the day! Yay! 🙌 After all, being single has an advantage of not depending on your guy to pamper you (i’m lying, inside i’m dying to have a boyfriend to pamper me 😜 ).

On my way to metro station, i met this lady outside the metro station sitting near the stairs, begging and that too where nobody could see her except for a few people. I wondered why would a lady who’s not even looking like a begger, beg at a place where not much people could see her. I offered her food and headed back to college. I felt curious to know more about her and felt bad for not talking to her!  

Here i am in college! Girls clicking pictures of each other( in the morning too! Can you believe it?),those figure conscious girls hogging the food in the canteen! 🍕🍟🍱 Oh and did i tell you that it’s an all girls college? Well Yes! That’s the best thing that happened to me! No girl will bitch around about another girl over a guy(Sigh!). Also what i always notice is girls gang discussing about other girls dresses and picking up some combinations to try on themselves.

Attending boring lectures makes mondays even heavier, i started scribbling over my sheets and created a wonderful poem! In the breaks all my friends get along and have coffee ☕ or ice tea 🍷 and start with our gossip session. With friends even a 3 hour break feels like few  minutes. I can do anything to spend time with my amazing girlfriends 😘, i love them to the core ❤

After a while, i headed back to home and when i noticed the stairs along with metro station, that lady was gone! I enquired about her from the shopkeeper nearby so he told me that her children abondoned her so she comes here every morning to make a living. I wonder how on earth those souls will be at peace who abandon their parents, it’s a sin in #India to not respect your parents. Every other person should be grateful who has parents who love them unconditionally and they are the real true friends who stand by their children through thick and thin. 

I hurriedly rushed back to home and the very first thing i did was made tea for my parents and myself and had a good chat with them about my day and their, about how i feel about my life, what are my ambitions, what all i aspire to do in life and how to do that. It feels really special when your dad teaches you stuff that you have no idea about, when your dad discusses with you about politics, properties, i feel like a big girl.

It was the day when i realised how small things teaches us a lot about life and the essence of people around you! Everyday is special..❣


5 thoughts on “A lovely monday! Sounds strange, eh? 😉

  1. What a fantastic post you have written here, Riddhi, I really loved it. I could relate so much with you, right from the all girls’ college and to the fury at people for abandoning their parents. You’re absolutely right about the fact it’s a huge sin. They are golden blessings from God!

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