Socially Constructed Masculine, Feminine Roles

Although people say they’re not biased, but they tend to raise girls differently than boys, and this biasness only increases with time. 

Not all women like pink and to cook, while not all men like cars and mathematics, these are absolutely socially constructed and no wonder they turn out to like the same things as to what they are taught.All those gendered toys provide a helping hand to the society to define gendered roles, by giving boys those mechanical toys to play with, and dolls and tea set to girls. 

Physical appearances of girls are more commented upon, thanks to the social biasness that ask women to always look the best and take good care of their looks. 

Women are more than just their looks, their cooking skills and pink. Not all women like “socially constructed” feminine roles!


23 thoughts on “Socially Constructed Masculine, Feminine Roles

    1. Riddhi Sharma

      Ofcourse they are..! But feminism is not just about women, it’s about men too and that’s what feminists are raising their voices for..Equality..!


      1. Riddhi Sharma

        Women are still not entitled to own property in many countries.Social exclusion, have you heard about “honor” killings? Well that still happens! Female genital mutilation, trafficking, restricted mobility, early marriage, deny the right to health to women and girls, low maternity leaves and well there still are countries where there is no provision for paternity leaves and that includes my country as well..!


      2. Riddhi Sharma

        Not just sharia law, but other than that too, take any caste or religion, women are seen as entities and are disrespected in so many ways and the harsh truth is that it all starts from home..! Feminism is not a bad word, and is definitely not about hating men, it’s about standing up for something that is uplifting women not above men, but equal to them. And it’s not just about women of one country, there are countries like mine where women are not given their due rights and also there are people in my country who support feminism, including men, to make it a better place for women to live in..!


  1. Aashish Pawar

    you can take stand partially…… you can see there are no such rough or any tough situations for girls now a days than the past decade…… as you know very well as being a chemically and practically a product of Delhi or you are Delhites…..
    You should encourage people for their good works for girls who are not generally from delhi or urban areas but from outside and they tried to make their girls more comfortable with all resources and all type of permissions.
    This will improve by its own with in a particular time and area not by thinking more and more about it.

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    1. Riddhi Sharma

      I second you Aashish and that’s what feminism is all get rid of those patriarchal norms and there’re a lot of men who are feminists, who try to understand what all women have to be through in their lives and support them in order to liberate them and make them equals as them. After all, it’s never easy being a woman!


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