Value of Relationships

It’s only later that we realise the value of people in our lives. I think it’s a part of human nature to not value or devalue the people and things which are already with them. When someone constantly reminds us and assures us their presence in our lives out of unconditional love and respect, that’s the most beautiful and luckiest thing for a person which they should be grateful for, but instead at times we take only those things for granted and start searching for something else, something more meaningful in this fake world without realising that all that is with us right now is just right and that needs to be cherished with more love and care.

If something is broken,mend it with affection and it is only then when you’ll see things grow. Pay attention to the people who love you and love them back with more attention on them. Stop searching for happiness outside when it’s already inside of you. If something is bothering you say it. If you love someone say it, show them your love, express your feelings, expressing adds jewels to the crown! 

When we are young we think we’ll get to meet different people, lot of people, better people with whom we can probably connect better than the ones who are already with us. But it is only later that we realise that it only happens sometimes. Very rare do we connect with people who compliment our personality and help us grow as an individual and with them as well.

Forgive yourself for what you’ve lost by your mistakes, if there would have been any good in that, i promise that would have stayed. Look forward and love the people in your life with all your heart like it’s your last day with them, like time is very short, shorter than we know it, and you’ll see your relationships blossom..!


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