Beauty of rains

There is something magical about rains..! The beautiful scent of soil, hot coffee with a good book has the power of magic, a magic that can make anyone feel alive, cheer with utter bliss and heal heartaches.

We all keep chasing things in life, most of the time forgetting that the beauty of life lies in these little things of joy that fills the heart up with love, the kind of love we mostly lack..i’m talking about the love for ourselves. These pretty rains feel like washing away all our sorrows, the beautiful scent of soil makes some beautiful memories afresh and fills us up with joy and when it’s complimented with a good book, it takes us to a different world alltogether.

These things makes a person see life through different angles. With this rain, start doing the things you love, start loving yourself, start dancing in the rains and forget the restrictions you have put on yourself and for once live like you’ve always wanted, be a kid and love the people you love with pure innocence.

May these rains brings happiness in our lives..!


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