Power of words

Words, they are so powerful that they can make or break a person. They can trigger different kinds of emotions, sometimes they help people heal while other times they hurt like being stabbed in the heart. Using words wisely is an Art, an art which can be perfected by practice.

Our words shape our personality and define who we are as a person. Being in an impatient world, people often misunderstand each other, take things for granted and rather than mending ties with the correct words, they, at times, end up crushing a person. It’s important to first think and then express with the correct words.

Why don’t we use words that can make a soul happier and lively, rather than shaming it? Why don’t we give feathers to the dreams of others, rather than demotivating them with the wrong words? Why don’t we appreciate each other often and make our lives beautiful by making our loved ones feel beautiful about themselves, rather than making them feel like less of a person?

We do say things and use words in a fit of rage that can make a person feel broken, forgetting about the impact that those words might leave on a person’s soul, forgetting about the hard situations a person might have been through in the past.

IMG_20160705_182030It’s only when we understand that every person had been through hard times and every person needs her share of love and appreciation that can again liberate her soul and energise her dreams, do we realise that words of love have immense power and that they can make a broken soul heal and can make a person LIVE..❣


12 thoughts on “Power of words

  1. When people say the “Common Sense isn’t that common” they are actually true. Words solve many problems but ego is the biggest hindrance & ego stayed only in fool’s mind. You mentioned very basic thing but your thoughts are very beautiful. Very beautiful blog by you😊👏👏👏

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